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Loving our community starts with "Thank you." 

Thank those who serve our community

Teachers, nurses,  and many other professions serve our community day in and day out. We want them to know that we are grateful. 
Send a thank you note, and maybe a gift card.
You can choose a nurse or a teacher you know. Tell them thank you!
If you don't know a nurse or a teacher personally, you can bring or send your thank you card to the church and we will deliver it.

Use a ready-made thank you card or make your own.
Say thank you for specific ways you or your family have been served, if possible.  Sign your name.
Put it in an envelope. You can include a small gift card if you like.
Address the card's envelope to "A Great Nurse" or "A Wonderful Teacher".
Put your thank you card into a larger, outer envelope and send it to Grace Church at the address below.